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Head scarves for cancer patients

I often get asked, can I wear a head wrap as a cancer patient?

The answer is a bold yes!

Head scarves can appear daunting at first, the boldness of the colours and styles can seem scary.

Like clothes, head wraps can be sophisticated, playful and also plain and simple. There truly is somethings for everyone.

Our wax printed head scarves are made from 100% cotton, the are soft and easy to wear.

If you are going through chemo and you are looking for something to cover your head, then a head wrap might offer the versatility your require.

I have even created easy head wrap tutorials to get you started. Tying a head wrap can be challenging at first but with my step by step, easy to follow video tutorials, you will able to master different head scarf techniques.

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If you have any questions - Don't be afraid to ask. I am happy to help.

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