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    African Tutu Dresses
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    African Fashion,African Kids Clothes
    African Fashion 2020 African fashion is not just a trend. As a company we have seen the demand of African clothes grow, we started back in 2016 selling head wraps. It quickly became apparent that we should start focusing on designing a fashion line offering a large selection of different styles...
    Interesting Facts
    What Is A Head Wrap Called In Different Countries? A head wraps is called many names from head tie, a head rag, a head scarf, a veil, hijab among many other names. Here is a list of what a head wrap is called in other countries. What's a head wrap called in Zimbabwe What's a head wrap...
    African Head Wraps,African Fashion,Head Wrap Tutorials,Interesting Facts
    Where to begin with head wraps? We all know that tying a head wrap takes time to master. I often get asked for easy ways to tie a head wrap for beginners. Here you will find some video tutorials I have created for anyone to start playing and learning how to tie a head wrap. I promise! Once...
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